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Every year, more than 700 members gather for the crowning conference dedicated to NJ FCCLA members, the NJ FCCLA State Leadership Conference. While last year the pandemic forced NJ FCCLA to meet virtually we did our best to provide a quality conference electronically given the circumstances. This year as we are still in the virtual setting NJ FCCLA has joined forces with five other states along with National FCCLA to provide its members with another exciting virtual experience. For this conference members have the opportunity to network and check out what is going on with other FCCLA members from the following states: California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. This year, members will still be able to demonstrate skills and display projects electronically through competitive events, enjoy the inspirational messages of motivational speakers, participate in community service initiatives and earn recognition for all of their efforts. We are not letting this pandemic slow us down. At the NJ FCCLA State Leadership Conference a wide array of State and National Competitive events are offered to members. The number of opportunities provided at NJ FCCLA State Leadership Conference is astounding! Do not miss your chance to attend NJ FCCLA’s Ultimate Leadership Experience this spring, at the State Leadership Conference!

Join us for the Virtual State Leadership Conference!

April 14-16, 2021

FCCLA Virtual Platform shared with:

California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin 

SLC Award Applications

  • Administrator's Award
  • Alumni Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • FCCLA Scholarship Applications
  • Friend of NJ FCCLA Award
  • The Outstanding Adviser Award
  • Joe Polyak Scholarship Application
  • Most Valuable Member Award Application
  • Power of One Recognition
  • Red Rose Chapter Award Application- Due February 22, 2022
  • State President's Award

SLC Registration Forms and Information

  • General Information and Rules

  • Conference and Competitive Event Registration Form
  • Permission Slip & Code of Conduct
  • Tentative Schedule