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NJ FCCLA relies on its continued support from former alumni and advocates of the organization. Your participation in this dynamic leadership organization is meaningful and important. New Jersey Friends of FCCLA are knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers who love to give back to today's youth.

Dear Friend of NJ FCCLA, 


The Executive Council hopes that everyone having a great start to the school year!

As we look forward to the new school year, we are looking to bring alumni and friends of NJ FCCLA together in addition to raising money for the NJ Friends of FCCLA Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a graduating senior member.  Last year's fundraiser was a huge success where New Jersey Friends of FCCLA were able to catch up with old friends and enjoy good company!

Click here to view the NJ Friends of FCCLA Bylaws

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New Jersey Friends of FCCLA

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