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2020 FCCLA Week!

Wondering how you can show your FCCLA spirit? Participate in FCCLA Week!

FCCLA Week takes place from Monday, February 11th to Friday, February 15th.

Get involved by following each day’s theme!


Sunday, February 9th:

Be a Valued Family Member

Monday, February 10th

What's your FCCLA story? 

Kick off FCCLA Week by sharing with your classmates why and how you have built your leadership story through FCCLA. #MyFCCLAStory

Tuesday, February 11th

Your Future Career Story 

Show others how FCCLA career pathways have prepared you for your future! Develop a personal dream/goal board and share how FCCLA has helped you by giving you a strong foundation for your future career.   #MyFCCLAFuture


Wednesday, February 12th

FCS Educators Inspiring Stories 

Take part in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day and share the stories of FCS educators who have inspired you. #FCCLAEducatorsInspire


Thursday, February 13th

Celebrate Your Family's Story

Take time to show your appreciateion for your family.  Share the story of how your family has supported you in your FCCLS leadership journey. #FCCLACelebratesFamily

Friday, February 14th

Leaders in Red B Showcase your FCCLA spirit by rocking the red. Red out and decorate your day with red clothing, signs, food and decorations. #FCCLARocks Red

Saturday, February 15th:

Be a voice for FCS and FCCLA 

To get involved with FCCLA Week with National FCCLA use the hashtags listed above on social media.